tag from Patung Cendana..

[1] Do you think you're hot?
hot..?phisically mmg out la..but i'm HOT bila..orang tikam dari belakang & kutuk my parent....

[2] Upload a fav pic of you.

[3] Why do you like this pic?
Pandangan dari sisi bulan

[4] When was the last time you ate pizza?
pizza? past few weeks kot kat Modesto's Singapore.

[5] The last song you listened to?
Di Taman Teman-Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

[6] What are you doing right now besides this?

Nak send email kat my Boss.

[7] What name do you prefer besides yours?
Mr. Blurry

[8] People to tag :

#1 life is a journey
#2 chronicle
#3 the Remedy
#4 coretan seorang putera
#5 hidupku 1/2 organik
#6 chomey Loteh
#7 ore no rekidaishi
#8 the cactus

[9] Who is no.1?
suka lagu PASTIKAN!! sangat menghayati lagu tu..

[10] No.3 is having a relationship with?
x sure... complicated

[11] Say something about no.5
best friend kepada No.3

[12] How about no.4?
tengah mencari puteri....

[13] Who is no.2?
my Best Friend..
my Best Enemy..
my Best Everything......bila nak balik ni...?

p/s: TQ madam for this tag..ader gak idea nak update blog..

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